Nordstrom’s odd shoe deal

NORDSTROM has a legendary reputation for its customer service so it should be no surprise that they’re also one of the few retailers that expressly cater for those needing mismatched pairs of shoes.

We decided that we’d better check on the details and make sure that the policy was still in operation and how it worked.

This is an edited version of the discussion I had online with one of Nordstrom’s sales staff:


Can I buy a pair of odd-sized shoes from Nordstrom and what it will it cost?


Yes, you can! As long as there is more than one and a half shoe size difference between each shoe it will not cost you anything more.


What do I have to do if I’d prefer to purchase these shoes online rather than visit a store?


If you purchase online you will need to buy two pairs of shoes and then get a refund on the unused shoes.


Do i have to pay for the return shipping?


Absolutely not. You will be provided with a return shipping voucher.

[note that NORDSTROM offer free shipping and free returns everyday for all customers]


How will the money be refunded? Will it be with store credit or is it real money?


Money will be refunded directly onto the credit card used for the transaction. There are no fees.

We’re really pleased at that Nordstrom have this policy (although wouldn’t it  be good if you didn’t have to return the other ‘pair’?) and urge other retailers to follow suit so it becomes the norm.

If you’re going to buy at Nordstrom it’s always worth checking if there are discounted Nordstrom Gift Cards available. That could save you even more.

Of course, you should always check our database first because shoes on Odd Shoe Finder are typically cheaper than even those from Nordstrom! – under new management

After 7 years, the founder of this site, Kent Basson has decided to finally hang up his boots.

Kent has done an amazing job in establishing oddshoefinder and catering for a largely forgotten, though significantly large, segment of the community.

But Oddshoefinder is not dead!

As the new co-manager of this site I can assure things will remain ‘business as usual’. In fact, we’re planning some major upgrades over the next few months that we believe will make the site run smoother and be easier to use.

In the short-term we have moved the site to a faster server to make browsing the site much quicker. During the transfer we have encountered a few technical bugs that we’re working through – so if something doesn’t quite work as it’s supposed to, please be patient – or better still, let us know in case we hadn’t noticed.

And don’t worry.

We have NO intention to start charging fees for listing your shoes. Not now. Not ever. The site will remain free to use.

We look forward to continue providing the valuable and excellent service for which is renowned.


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This article appeared in about five Canadian newspapers – the Toronto Sun, the Calgary Sun, the Edmonton Sun, and maybe the newspapers for a couple of smaller cities in Ontario. I loved getting free publicity for the shoe site and appreciate Sarah Millar’s efforts, but I found there is one thing that is potentially worse than being misquoted:  being quoted verbatim. 

Seeing your own words in print can be embarrassing.  I’ll definitely speak slower and more deliberately the next time a reporter calls and try to leave out all the “I means” and other fillers that do not translate well to text – or to the spoken word.

Those articles led to my being contacted by the science writer for the Alabama editions of the  He saw that I am an Alabama native and he likes to find nice things to write about our beloved, but often maligned, home state. As a result, he wrote this article, which was published in all Alabama cities served by

If you ever drink beer from a can, you have been affected by the author, Paul Hamaker.  He invented a coating used inside beer cans.  I guess whoever invented the wheel or inclined plane had a bigger impact, but how many people in modern history have had an idea that is used daily by two billion people? I feel honored to have had an article about the site written by Paul.

About a year or so ago, there was a short article about the site in a Dutch newspaper.  I don’t have a link to it and I don’t think many users of the site speak Dutch.  If you do speak Dutch, the fact that you are reading this means you also understand English and have nothing new to learn from that article.  There was also an article about the site in my law school alumni/ae magazine for which I do not think there is a link.

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