Adding a Payment and Shipping Profile

Some of you may have received an error when trying to purchase shoes on Odd Shoe Finder.

Have you seen something like this?



When we upgraded our website last year we had to transfer all the data from the old database to a new one. The process was lengthy and complicated. One thing we didn’t realise until recently was that not all the information was properly transferred.

The new website requires that all users have registered both a shipping address (if they want to buy) and a payment profile (for selling).

To set up your shipping address, log into and navigate to buy / shipping profile or click this link: 


To set up your payment profile, you’ll need a PayPal address. Log in and go to sell / selling payment profile or click on this link:








Become an Odd Shoe Retailer and make $$$

One of the most fundamental reasons behind the establishment of Odd Shoe Finder was to help prevent countless numbers of perfectly good shoes ending up in landfill. That’s bad for the environment and such a terrible  waste of resources.

Everyone understand that.

The most frustrating part of running this website is having to turn away constant offers from companies, organizations, shops, sporting clubs and others who wish to donate shoes. A standard response to these offers goes something like this:

Thank you for your kind offer. Odd Shoe Finder is a website where people buy, sell, swap or give away mismatched pairs or single shoes. We don’t actually buy, sell or even stock shoes ourselves – this is something that our members do. If you would like to sell or give away shoes on our site you would be more than welcome. Otherwise I’m afraid I am going to have to decline your offer.

Unfortunately, the suppliers of these large numbers of shoes are never inclined to do the sorting and individual sales and posting required. (They are also typically simultaneously  perplexed that we won’t accept their donation)

Why can’t we accept these donations?

The simple answer is we neither have the storage nor the time to do it ourselves. Running Odd Shoe Finder is a job of passion. We all are required to spend our time (and money) on all the other things in life….like working in a (paid) job and looking after a family.

What can we do to fix this? How can we make sure that we utilise these generous offers?

If anyone would like to be an “Odd Shoe Retailer” then you’d be helping out our community, helping save our environment and perhaps making a few dollars on the side. We’re looking for people prepared to accept these donations,  to sort them, list them on our site and post them when sold.

There would be no costs involved for the retailer (other than storage space and time spent) because the shoes would be delivered free and buyers would pay the retailer direct. Odd Shoe Finder would ask for a small commission, but the bulk of the sale price would go to the seller.

You’re not going to get rich out of this. But if you live in the USA and have some spare storage space (e.g. a garage) and a bit of spare time, then there could be some handy pocket money to be made. Most importantly, you’d be helping a lot of people.

if you’re interested or want to know more or have any questions, please email us here.





Support us with Premium Membership

At Odd Shoe Finder we’re building a marketplace to service the estimated 10% of the population with odd-sized feet, and for amputees needing a single shoe.

While we’re established as the largest online odd shoe exchange in the world, we’re still a long way from achieving the critical mass for the website to really fulfil its potential.

We’re planning more upgrades to make the site better and mobile friendly.  Once that is sorted, we’ll start up an online advertising campaign that we know will start to bring more and more people to the site.

And that will help everyone.

Of course, all of this costs money.

Odd Shoe Finder is, and will always be, free to use. However, we’ve now introduced Premium Membership for a token $4.95 per year as a way of raising some revenue. If Odd Shoe Finder has helped you in the past, or you want to see it develop further and you can spare $4.95, then we’d love to have you as a Premium Member.

What benefits do I get as a Premium Member?

Premium Members can upload a total of 5MB of photos, rather than the standard 1MB. That means your listings can have more photos and/or you can have more listings before you reach your limit.

Premium Members will also receive $5 credit to spend on enhanced listings, to help sell their shoes faster.

As our premium membership grows, we’ll be announcing some special exclusive discounts on shoe and some non-shoe products.

Finally, but most importantly, you get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’re contributing to the upkeep of the site.

You can upgrade your membership by logging in to your account, clicking on “My Account” at the top right and then scrolling down to “membership”.

Screenshot 2016-08-01 21.04.54


Odd Shoe Finder in 1943? Pretty close to it.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 21.19.41A shoe exchange for amputees is not a new  idea as this article from the July 6th 1943 edition of the Chicago Tribune shows.

At the height of the Second World War, and with a growing number of amputees returning from active service, the Disabled Persons Association of America are reported as setting up such an exchange. The Tribune writes:

The swap and exchange service went into full business swing …setting up files that will help match left and right gloves and shoes for persons throughout the country.

Gloves? Wow.

The Tribune then explains:

The exchange is not a mail order service of actual goods. Rather, it is matching the names of users of the same sizes.

This is not far from what Odd Shoe Finder does over 70 years later. Of course we now have the internet. Like Odd Shoe Finder, the exchange had no fees (like us) and people who completed the exchange did so between themselves. Like Odd Shoe Finder, the exchange didn’t actually buy, sell or even stock shoes itself.

It was considered “considerate” for a person to send along a stamp for his reply to an inquiry.

Although, we’re not sure there’s really a market for odd gloves nowadays, it would seem that no matter how much things change, they also seem to remain the same.


How to Renew an Expired Listing

If your shoes haven’t sold by the time the listing expires – don’t despair.

Our system allows you to simply and easily re-list your shoes again. There are no fees, and so, if you’re happy to keep them on the list and out of landfill, we encourage you to do so.

There are many reasons that your shoes may not have sold, many of which may be totally outside your control. However, there are some things you may want to change when you re-list.

Things to consider are:

Length of listing time

There are 3 possible times that you can set before the listing will expire. Set it to the maximum time.


Is the price too high?  What are others charging for similar shoes?

How did you describe the shoes? Did you have pictures? 

A good description, including photos and the proper use of key words in the title can greatly increase the chance of a sale. Read here for some tips on selling your shoes faster.

Enhanced features help your shoes stand out

For a small fee you can add features to your listing to make it more prominent, such as bold and highlighted listings, and being featured on the home page.

Of course, with such a niche site, it still may take awhile to sell your shoes. The best long-term strategy for everyone is to promote the site; the more visitors to the site, the easier for everyone.

How to re-list your shoes

You can re-list your shoes after the sale time has expired by following these instructions:


  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Go to the “sell” tab at the top of the page
  3. scroll down to “I’m selling”
  4. Click on “ended”
  5. When the shoe comes up that you want re-listed, click “edit and re-list”. You will be able to change any details (such as the price) when you re-list it.



How to be notified when the right shoes are posted

The new Odd Shoe Finder website allows you to save any particular search and then be notified every time there’s a new listing that fits the criteria.

For example, let’s say you searched for men’s shoes in sizes L9.5/R12. A number of options come up, but you’re not interested in any of these shoes – maybe they’re not the right sort of shoe or the price is too much.



To make it easier and faster for the next time you visit the site, you can save your search. You do that by clicking “save search”.


A new screen will pop up and you will need to name the search. In our example, I have just called it “L9.5/R12” but you could call it anything.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 13.09.02

The next time you visit Odd Shoe Finder, you will be able to use this saved search without having to re-submit the criteria. Furthermore, you will be automatically notified by email if a listing is made matching your search criteria.Screenshot 2016-02-29 13.09.38

You can access your saved search from the Favourites Drop Down Box.

Please note that we don’t recommend you  rely entirely on the email notification service from Odd Shoe Finder.

Sometimes emails get caught up in the spam folder or are missed or someone might list something that doesn’t quite meet your criteria, but you might otherwise consider (e.g. somebody lists an L10/R12 in a shoe style/brand that you really want).

That’s why you should still return to the site from time to time.



New Enhanced Listings & How to Use Them

Odd Shoe Finder has introduced enhanced listings to help you get noticed and sell your shoes faster. While you can still buy and sell shoes with no fees, you now have the option to add any of these to your listing at any time.

Note that “automatic re-list” is free, but you must tick the box.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 15.42.48

If you choose to purchase one of the enhancements you will be required to pay the amount listed. Currently we only accept PayPal for payments – though you can use your credit card to make payments through PayPal.

Here are some examples of how your listing will be enhanced.

Featured home page will put your listing on the home page for 90 days.

Anyone who visits the site will see your listing in the middle of the page.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 15.43.27Featured home page ads will also be prioritised for  listing on Facebook.

To take full advantage, make sure you follow best practice and include the shoe sizes in the title.

The screenshot below shows how a listing featured in search results will look. Note that this listing also has a bold title via search results. Having both  is probably redundant and is shown here only as an example.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 15.44.00

You can also view examples of each enhancement here.

This is new for Odd Shoe Finder as, up until now, we’ve never had any fees of any kind.

It’s possible there may be a few teething problems with the new payment system. Your patience in this regard is appreciated, though we’d certainly like you to let us know if something doesn’t work right.

Finally, we re-iterate that these enhancements are only options and that the site still remains free to use. Any money raised will be spent on further development of Odd Shoe Finder.



Planned Updates and Improvements

At Odd Shoe Finder we’re always trying to improve our members’ experience, and to make our website as functional, efficient and useful as possible.

Feedback from our members directly led to the complete overhaul of our site in November 2014. Now, three months later, we’re still trying to improve – and are happy to hear your opinions on anything we do.

We’ve come up with a few changes we can implement, budget permitting. Depending on our members’ response, it may be better to just spend money on advertising the site in order to increase our user base. You can let us know.

Proposed Changes in 2016
“make an offer” 

At the time of listing shoes, the seller will be asked whether they will entertain offers below the “Buy Now” price. The seller can stipulate for example that all offers below a certain amount are automatically rejected, and/or that offers between a certain price will be considered, and/or that offers above a certain price will automatically be accepted.

A buyer, upon seeing shoes that he/she is interested in, can then “make an offer” for less than the listed price.

We think that this function would increase the likelihood of a sale.

featured listings

Buyers will be able to pay a small fee (Foundation members excluded) to have their listings appear in a Featured Listing section on the front page, and/or in bold and at the top of search result requests.


A free classifieds section could be added to the website where members could advertise what shoes they were looking for (although this facility currently exists in the forum, but is not widely used).

The classifieds section could also be expanded to allow the listings of almost any (non-shoe) product. This would hopefully drive more people to the site, expanding the user base, and making it easier to find buyers, and the right shoes.

Mobile Friendly / Mobile App

Although probably the most expensive update, it’s also something we will need to do eventually. We’d like to make the lay-out of our site much more user friendly for smartphone and tablet users.

Would you use a mobile application if we developed one?

Please fell free to give us your thoughts on these or make any other suggestions by comment below – or by participating in our forum.


Tips for Selling on Facebook

Since the upgrade to the new site it has become much easier for us at Odd Shoe Finder to add shoe listings to our Facebook page. There’s no longer any need to send us the link or photos as we can easily get them directly from our site.

When we type in the url of your listing to Facebook, and add your photograph, it will appear something like this:

Screenshot 2016-02-11 10.53.38

You’ll notice that the title appears in bold and the description appears underneath. One of the four tips for selling shoes that we strongly recommend, is to include the shoe sizes in the title. Think about what you will say in the first sentence or two of the description as this too, will appear in the Facebook post.

We do not make any guarantees that we will add your shoe listing to our Facebook page but will certainly prioritise those who list them in a user-friendly way.

Share the Love

When we post something on our Facebook Page, the Facebook algorithm only sends the post to a percentage of our Facebook fans (Facebook are trying to encourage paid advertising).

If we post your listing on Facebook then you should share it on your timeline. Not only will that expose your listing to all of your friends and potentially their friends – but the Facebook algorithm also rewards posts that are shared by increasing the percentage of our fans who see the post.

If you post your shoes on your own timeline before we do, then send us a message on Facebook and we’ll share your post.

Other Facebook Pages and Groups

Many of you may belong to other Facebook Pages or Groups that might be suitable for advertising your shoes.

There are, for example, a number of Facebook Groups that deal specifically with the trading of odd-sized shoes, and many of you may already be members.

Please make sure that you only list your shoes for sale on another Facebook page or group by providing your link to your existing listing on This will ensure that you don’t inadvertantly sell your shoes to two different people (when people ‘buy now’ on they rightly expect that the shoes will be available and not have been sold elsewhere). It also helps drive traffic to our site, which ultimately benefits all of us.

Note that you must always check first with the Page’s/Group’s admin as to whether they will permit the posting of shoes from our site. Apart from common courtesy, some Pages/Groups might expressly forbid it, or be reluctant to support something they regard as “commercial” (eg. making $20 from your shoes).

If they do allow for posting, then make sure you only use the url that directly links to your shoes.

In the above example, the url for the listing was

and this is where users will be directed if they click on the post. If you enter the url, and add a photo, it should appear in a box similar to the example above.

If they don’t permit the posting of links from our site then please do not list your shoes with them anyway.

Grow our Community

If you haven’t already liked our Facebook Page, you can do so here. If you know anyone else who might be interested in Odd Shoe Finder then please let them know.

If you comment, like or share any of our posts on Facebook you are helping to help build our community.