Existing Members Upgraded

As we previously advised, members who signed up on our new website by 31 December 2015 have been automatically upgraded to a new category of membership called “Foundation Membership” which will be valid for 12 months.

Foundation members will now be able to post up to 5MB of photos (up from 1.5MB) with the limit per photo now set at 500kb.

Over the next few months we plan on introducing some modest fees for optional extras such as;
  • Featuring your listing on the Home Page
  • Listing your items in bold.
  • Featuring your listing in search results
All Foundation Members will be be able to take advantage of these extras without cost and will be exempt from any other fees we may introduce.
Standard members who now sign up will only receive 1MB of space to post photos, although the limit per photo has now been increased to 500kb.
If you haven’t registered yet – don’t worry, we’ve extended the grace period for upgrades until 31 January 2016.
Simply register before 31 January 2016 and send a Private Message to “Admin” requesting the upgrade and we’ll sort it for you.
To send a private message, you must first be registered.
create my account
Once you’ve registered and logged in, go to My Account and scroll down to Messages.
Screenshot 2016-01-05 16.02.42
From there, click “Compose” and the following screen will come up. Send to “Admin” with the message “pls upgrade my membership”.
Screenshot 2016-01-05 16.01.15
As always we appreciate your feedback on this or any other matter.
If you’d like to raise an issue or a suggestion, please leave a note on our Forum.

Tips for Selling Your Shoes

Here’s four tips to help sell your shoes faster on Odd Shoe Finder.

1. The Title

Screenshot 2015-12-14 15.23.45Indicate the brand and shoe sizes in the title e.g. “Converse All Star L8/R9” – this makes it easier for people to know at a glance whether the shoes are suitable.You’ll notice that “latest listings” appear on the Home Page. Given that most people are searching for shoes in their specific size, it makes sense to include that information in the title.


Screenshot 2015-12-14 15.24.34

—————>>> <<<——————————————————————————-

Note also that anything that appears in the title is “searchable”, but the other fields aren’t. That means that if somebody uses the search function on the site they will be able to find your shoes if they search for a word in the title.

2. The Keyword/Tags field

It’s a good idea to add keywords or tags that aren’t in your title, in the “Keywords/Tags” section.

Screenshot 2015-12-14 15.27.51
Even though “Brand” is something we ask for when you list your shoes, the brand will not turn up in a search unless you add it as a keyword. Other tags you might consider are; cheap, single shoes, brand new.

3. Single/Split Pairs

Screenshot 2015-12-14 15.29.13

Don’t forget to indicate if your shoe is a single, or if you’re prepared to split a pair.

Those looking for just one shoe will use this information to find you.

Merely indicating in the description that you’re prepared to split a pair will reduce your chances of a sale.

If somebody wants to buy just a single shoe i.e. split a pair,  you will need to do this.

4. Price

Most people looking to buy shoes at Odd Shoe Finder are expecting to pay a price well below the retail cost, so it’s important to be realistic when you set the price.

Most people have a “no-return” policy when they sell their shoes. “No Returns” will lower the price you can expect to get, while conversely accepting returns can increase the price.

In the near future, we hope to introduce a “make an offer” feature that will allow buyers to negotiate the price. We hope that will make sales happen much quicker.

Visit Odd Shoe Finder now.

Searching the Odd Shoe Finder database

We know that the oddshoefinder search facility can be a bit quirky at times so we’ve done this post to make things easier for you to get that search right.

There’s probably nothing more disheartening than to read that ominous message in red:

 sorry there are no results which fit your criteria, please broaden your search or try again later


However, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ve just simply made an error when searching.

search oddshoefinderTo search correctly, make sure you complete all the spaces circled in the example on the left.

Results from this search will bring up all Athletic mens shoes with (US) size Left 8 and Right 7.

If you leave out “shoe type” ,  “seller age” or “country” you will receive listings for all the shoes that match.

In the example on the right,

HowtoSearch-OSF-2 leaving out any details for the right foot will return all results for Athletic mens left size 8.

That’s what you should do if you’re searching for a single shoe.

Note that even though somebody has listed a pair, you can always approach the seller and see if they’ll sell you a single shoe.

HowtoSearch3You can also search for a range of sizes.

In the example on the left, the search engine will look for all Athletic mens shoes with left shoe size 8 to 8.5.

However, because in this example the searcher has mistakenly put the size of the right shoe as “7.5 TO 7.0” instead of “7.0 to 7.5” , the results will show an error.  The second size MUST be larger than the first mentioned.

Likewise, entering a range from a number to “n/a” will also result in an error.

Please contact us if you are having any problems getting a search result. we have a large database of shoes, so chances are that we have something for you.



New promotion open for those with Facebook

facebookWe’re very excited to be offering a new service – on a trial basis – that we hope will make it easier for our members to both buy and sell shoes by promoting sales through our Facebook page.



This is how it works:

For (potential) buyers:

Like our page on Facebook.

Our page is https://www.facebook.com/oddshoefinder

You will then (hopefully) start to receive our posts. We will be regularly posting particular shoes for sale – and if you see a pair that you like – then you can click through from Facebook straight to our website, see the details and, if you like, make arrangements to make a purchase.

Note that by “liking” our page you will not necessarily see all our posts in your news feed. If you “like” any post from us (even if it’s for a shoe that doesn’t fit, or you don’t like) then Facebook’s algorithm will more likely deliver you the next post. If you don’t, then our posts may drop from your feed and you might miss out on the best shoe deal ever!

So to make this work for everyone, please like all our posts.

For (potential) sellers

Please send us your listing and we will promote it in our Facebook page.

To qualify, you must send us an email with following information:

1. A good quality photograph of the shoe as a jpeg.

2. A description that includes; brand, style and size for each foot.

3. The URL for the listing on oddshoefinder.com

NB: You must have registered, and then listed, shoe(s) for sale on our site to participate. To find the URL, search for your shoe on oddshoefinder.com and then click on the photo of your shoe. You will then be at the “description” page. This the URL you should send.



Ebay ‘odd-shoe’ inventory makes Odd Shoe Finder even better

The last few months have seen the number of listings on oddshoefinder.com grow substantially.  This is good news for everyone because as the number of listings grow, comes an increase in likelihood that our members will find something that matches. And the more people who find something that matches, the more shoes that are sold. And so on.

But we still understand that many members still struggle to find that matching pair even with our listings of 10,000 or so pairs.

That’s why we’ve decided to add an eBay ‘widget’ on our home page and search page that lists all the current Ebay listings for mismatched pairs for men and women. That means that if you can’t find what you want in our database, you can also look through .

Now, we need to explain a few things because we’ve had a few questions about this. Firstly, the listings are for the US only.  Around 80% of our members are from the US with the remaining 20% spread between Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands and other parts of Europe.  While we really want to look after everyone it wasn’t practical to add the widget for every country.

We believe that the banner above, though, will take you to EBay in your country.

Secondly, though we’ve tried to hard to get it right, sometimes some odd things turn up in eBay widget – and I’m not talking about odd-sized shoes. Some have complained about toys or books etc coming up in the list. We think we’ve got it right now, but please bear with us. If we tighten up the criteria for the EBay listing too much we risk cutting out some legitimate offers.

Of course, you can also list your shoes on eBay. If you decide to list shoes on both sites, please let us KNOW if you sell the shoes so we can remove them from our own database. Also make sure that you check the terms and conditions with EBay too. We don’t charge a listing fee so we’re not too fussed, but EBay is a commercial operation and may have rules around this.

Finally, as disclosure, this arrangement we have with is commercial.  We receive a small commission for the traffic we drive to their site – whether it’s for mismatched shoes or any other product. Money we make from this goes back into the development of oddshoefinder.com. We hope that you will support, where you can, those companies that support us.

To search eBay, visit oddshoefinder.com/oddsheoblog/search-ebay (US) or visit in your country.

Changes are afoot

Last month we asked many of our users  what they thought we should do to improve the site.

And we got lots of responses from the tounge-in-cheek “create oddglovefinder for all those people who lose a glove” to the more mundane “allow users to see more than 10 search results at a time”.

Here’s a summary of what you told us and what we’re going to do about it:

[ws_table id=”2″]

Of course we’re always ready to hear your suggestions, complaints and ideas and will do our best to implement the change if we think it’s good.

We are restricted by that unfortunate thing known as “money” or rather the lack of it!

This site relies on advertising revenue from the banners you see on the site. Please support those companies that support us, then, with a little bit more revenue we can make oddshoefinder even better.


How to Log-In to Oddshoefinder

We’ve received quite a few enquiries from people having trouble logging-in so we’ve produced this post to help you.

We are planning on making a few changes to the process to make it easier but hopefully this post will assist you in the interim.

To log-in to oddshoefinder, you must first be registered.

To register, please visit http://www.oddshoefinder.com/register and complete all the details.

Once you’ve registered, to log-in, go to the top right of the website and enter your email (the one you registered with) in the grey box where it says “your email”.

Slide1Enter your password in the grey box below that (the box with the five dots).

Then press “log in”





Once you’re logged in you will be able to access the “user menu” which you can use to add a shoe listing, edit your profile etc


To log out, press the logout button in the top right (which only appears when you are logged in).

If you have forgotten your password, click the link for ‘forgot password’ in the top right and you will be emailed your password.





Free ‘odd’ shoes from Urban Outfitters

The uber-cool clothing retailer Urban Outfitters has approached oddshoefinder.com offering to give away their collection of odd assorted shoes (all name brands) to anyone who wants them.

We like that.

Only catch is…the shoes are in London, UK and they aint posting them anywhere.



The shoes they’re giving away are:

Nike Lunarspeed, black and white – UK 4.5/EUR38 x 2 right foot

Nike Air Pegasus 83, grey/purple/blue – UK4.5/EUR38 left foot

Vans Classic Perforated Leather Slip On, white – UK5/EUR38 left foot

Vans Authentic Floral, multi, no lace – UK5/EUR38 right foot

Reebok Hi-Tops, burgundy – UK4.5/EUR38 left foot

Dr Martens Brogue Boot, black/burgundy – UK4/EUR37 left foot

Dr Martens Patent Classic Boot, black – UK4/EUR37 left foot

Vans Authentic Leather, silver – UK5/EUR38 right foot

Nike Lunar Air, black/neon green – UK4.5/EUR38 right foot

Vagabond Dioon Heel, black – UK4/EUR37 right foot

They can be collected from the Urban Outfitters head office in London which is located at:

3rd Floor, 24 Market Place, London, W1W 8AN

Before you head out there we suggest that you call them first on +44(0)203 219 1901 and ask to speak with be Office Co-ordinator Beccy Hill. Beccy will let you know what’s still available and what times they can be collected etc.