Nordstrom’s odd shoe deal

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NORDSTROM has a legendary reputation for its customer service so it should be no surprise that they’re also one of the few retailers that expressly cater for those needing mismatched pairs of shoes.

We decided that we’d better check on the details and make sure that the policy was still in operation and how it worked.

This is an edited version of the discussion I had online with one of Nordstrom’s sales staff:


Can I buy a pair of odd-sized shoes from Nordstrom and what it will it cost?


Yes, you can! As long as there is more than one and a half shoe size difference between each shoe it will not cost you anything more.


What do I have to do if I’d prefer to purchase these shoes online rather than visit a store?


If you purchase online you will need to buy two pairs of shoes and then get a refund on the unused shoes.


Do i have to pay for the return shipping?


Absolutely not. You will be provided with a return shipping voucher.

[note that NORDSTROM offer free shipping and free returns everyday for all customers]


How will the money be refunded? Will it be with store credit or is it real money?


Money will be refunded directly onto the credit card used for the transaction. There are no fees.

We’re really pleased at that Nordstrom have this policy (although wouldn’t it  be good if you didn’t have to return the other ‘pair’?) and urge other retailers to follow suit so it becomes the norm.

If you’re going to buy at Nordstrom it’s always worth checking if there are discounted Nordstrom Gift Cards available. That could save you even more.

Of course, you should always check our database first because shoes on Odd Shoe Finder are typically cheaper than even those from Nordstrom!

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  1. Well done to Nordstrom. Your site should put pressure on all the shoe stores around thee world to fix this. Start a revolution!

    1. Being a new AFO (ankle/foot brace) wearer, I had to search for shoes that came in X-X Wide width, plus medium width. Not an easy task! Then having to buy two different size/width pairs of shoes just made matters worse…and a whole lot more expensive. Finding Nordstrom and their “split shoe order” policy was wonderful! We need to spread the word, and support them for offering this much-needed service!

      I asked Amazon about purchasing mismatched shoes – they don’t do it. However, they did say that they would pass it to the appropriate department for “future consideration”. We’ll see.

      I asked other sellers, but no luck.

      1. my daughter wears an afo on her left foot, so i do know the struggle. She is a size 10 or so in her brace although it could be smaller but i can never find a shoe that her brace will fit into unless its super big and her right foot is a size 6.5-7 and i have been to all of the retailers around here and nothing none of them do this which is quite unfair. another issue i have is finding shoes that are the same but in different sizes and then that means that i have to pay for 2 pairs of shoes as this is all new to me because normally she has braces on both feet so one shoe size but now her right foot is healed and left is still being corrected. if i buy Velcro shoes the strap is never long enough. i would love to hear what you did and how it worked out for you.

  2. I was so happy to learn about Nordstrom and their “split-shoe order” policy!

    Wearing an AFO (ankle/foot brace), makes it really difficult to find the extra-extra wide shoe needed for ONE foot, while needing a medium width for the other. I ordered shoes online from Nordstrom’s website, purchasing 2 pairs of same size/different width shoes. They have free shipping and returns! I sent the unneeded mismatched pair back for a full refund. If you buy at their stores, you can purchase and walk out with your mismatched pair that day! Their prices run a little higher, but you only pay the price of one pair, instead of paying for two pairs in order to get the right fit. Plus, you won’t have those “orphan” shoes sadly sitting in your closet.
    Kudos to Nordstrom!!! They have earned a loyal customer!

    1. my daughter has an afo on her left foot so i totally agree we will be shopping with them instead

  3. I checked since I’m in Canada, to make sure that it was applicable to us (especially the free returns) and they said anywhere they ship you can take advantage of this and for those of us in Canada, the odd shoes can be returned to the Calgary store (in person or by mail) free of charge. I did call the Calgary store to confirm this. This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time. It’s about time a retailer offered this!!!

  4. Thinking of trying Nordstrom. I have suffered most of my life when buying shoes.. Does the size discrepancy have to be a certain difference?

    1. Hi Patty

      Nordstrom told us that “as long as there is more than one and a half shoe size difference” (see the transcript in the post) you can get the deal.

      What are your sizes and have you registered on oddshoefinder yet?

      If you need more info re Nordstrom let me know – and if you intend on purchasing online it’d be appreciated if you could click through to the Nordstrom site from the link in this article or the ad on the side. (that way we get a small commission which we use to help run this site).

    1. Hi Lisa. i don’t think so but i’ll try find out.

      Of course you can always order online from Nordstrom and so it doesn’t really matter where you live.

      (if you do order online, please use the link in the post or the Nordstrom banner and help support this website)

  5. My left foot measures a 10B, my right foot a 10 1/4A … since 10 1/2 is very hard to find, I have to wear size 11 shoes. Did I mention my heel to ball measure fits a size 9. It’s my long toes that require the extra length, and only one toe on the right foot requires the extra 1/4 inch. So frustrating and my feet are suffering from shoes that don’t fit. Any suggestions? Summer sandels allow me to wear the 10’s, but the arch is still too long.

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  7. SAS also will discount the 2nd pair. 1/2 price for 2nd pair if bought in store. Can be returned if needed. They will also allow a”custom” fit by actually manufacturing a 2nd pair. Costs about $45 additionall and takes about 6-8 weeks after being fitted in the store. Also non refundable. I have been buying my shoes at Nordstrom for years (3 size difference) and am so grateful to them for this policy. I font know of other companies that will do that. Since shoes are marked up about 100% I am told, Nordstrom chooses to serve their customers before taking the profit. They will also split shoes even when on sale. THANK YOU Nordstrom!

  8. My mother started taking me to Nordstroms when I was a little girl – 1950’s. I had polio as a baby and have always needed split sizes. Now as an adult, I continue to go to Nordstroms and buy their quality shoes and not have to pay for 2 pairs. So love it! What a wonderful service – have wanted to write for years and tell you so!!

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