Become an Odd Shoe Retailer and make $$$

One of the most fundamental reasons behind the establishment of Odd Shoe Finder was to help prevent countless numbers of perfectly good shoes ending up in landfill. That’s bad for the environment and such a terrible  waste of resources.

Everyone understand that.

The most frustrating part of running this website is having to turn away constant offers from companies, organizations, shops, sporting clubs and others who wish to donate shoes. A standard response to these offers goes something like this:

Thank you for your kind offer. Odd Shoe Finder is a website where people buy, sell, swap or give away mismatched pairs or single shoes. We don’t actually buy, sell or even stock shoes ourselves – this is something that our members do. If you would like to sell or give away shoes on our site you would be more than welcome. Otherwise I’m afraid I am going to have to decline your offer.

Unfortunately, the suppliers of these large numbers of shoes are never inclined to do the sorting and individual sales and posting required. (They are also typically simultaneously  perplexed that we won’t accept their donation)

Why can’t we accept these donations?

The simple answer is we neither have the storage nor the time to do it ourselves. Running Odd Shoe Finder is a job of passion. We all are required to spend our time (and money) on all the other things in life….like working in a (paid) job and looking after a family.

What can we do to fix this? How can we make sure that we utilise these generous offers?

If anyone would like to be an “Odd Shoe Retailer” then you’d be helping out our community, helping save our environment and perhaps making a few dollars on the side. We’re looking for people prepared to accept these donations,  to sort them, list them on our site and post them when sold.

There would be no costs involved for the retailer (other than storage space and time spent) because the shoes would be delivered free and buyers would pay the retailer direct. Odd Shoe Finder would ask for a small commission, but the bulk of the sale price would go to the seller.

You’re not going to get rich out of this. But if you live in the USA and have some spare storage space (e.g. a garage) and a bit of spare time, then there could be some handy pocket money to be made. Most importantly, you’d be helping a lot of people.

if you’re interested or want to know more or have any questions, please email us here.





Author: admin

Colin hails from Melbourne, Australia and has worn shoes for over forty years now.

3 thoughts on “Become an Odd Shoe Retailer and make $$$”

  1. Hello. My child is one who wears odd sized shoes. I am interested in selling some of her shoes on this site, but I may be interested in being a retailer. Do you already have people doing the retailing? Do you still need someone? I think I would like to know more, but I also need to know how to sell my daughter’s shoes on your site. Thank you!
    Michelle Herring

  2. Hi Michelle

    I certainly encourage you to register and to list your daughters shoes on the site. If somebody wants to buy the shoes they will make the payment directly to you – we don’t take a fee.

    The “Odd Shoe Retailer” is a brand new concept – although it’s been floating around as an idea for awhile. We’ve had a few enquiries so far, following the message we sent out in our email newsletter only 12 or so hours ago. Given it’s a no-risk venture, I suspect that there will a lot more enquiries over the next few days. The only ‘risk’ is that the shoes don’t sell and you’re stuck with 100 shoes in your garage.

    If you contact us via the “contact us” section in the top right of this page, we can start a conversation about how it might work and whether it’s right for you.

  3. is my email…
    Here’s the strange thing! I had this idea a long time ago when a friend of mine said she wished she could have a pair of Uggs, but her palsy created a two size difference and they were too expensive to buy two boxes of boots.
    I have been contemplating what you are doing, so this would make it easier instead of recreating the wheel, I could go from your site and hopefully provide the service these folks need.
    I guess I would need to know the pricing structure in this agreement. I would also need to understand the shipping situation, etc.
    Thanks so much!

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