Planned Updates and Improvements

At Odd Shoe Finder we’re always trying to improve our members’ experience, and to make our website as functional, efficient and useful as possible.

Feedback from our members directly led to the complete overhaul of our site in November 2014. Now, three months later, we’re still trying to improve – and are happy to hear your opinions on anything we do.

We’ve come up with a few changes we can implement, budget permitting. Depending on our members’ response, it may be better to just spend money on advertising the site in order to increase our user base. You can let us know.

Proposed Changes in 2016
“make an offer” 

At the time of listing shoes, the seller will be asked whether they will entertain offers below the “Buy Now” price. The seller can stipulate for example that all offers below a certain amount are automatically rejected, and/or that offers between a certain price will be considered, and/or that offers above a certain price will automatically be accepted.

A buyer, upon seeing shoes that he/she is interested in, can then “make an offer” for less than the listed price.

We think that this function would increase the likelihood of a sale.

featured listings

Buyers will be able to pay a small fee (Foundation members excluded) to have their listings appear in a Featured Listing section on the front page, and/or in bold and at the top of search result requests.


A free classifieds section could be added to the website where members could advertise what shoes they were looking for (although this facility currently exists in the forum, but is not widely used).

The classifieds section could also be expanded to allow the listings of almost any (non-shoe) product. This would hopefully drive more people to the site, expanding the user base, and making it easier to find buyers, and the right shoes.

Mobile Friendly / Mobile App

Although probably the most expensive update, it’s also something we will need to do eventually. We’d like to make the lay-out of our site much more user friendly for smartphone and tablet users.

Would you use a mobile application if we developed one?

Please fell free to give us your thoughts on these or make any other suggestions by comment below – or by participating in our forum.


Author: admin

Colin hails from Melbourne, Australia and has worn shoes for over forty years now.

4 thoughts on “Planned Updates and Improvements”

  1. I would not use the app. I don’t shop for shoes often enough to give it space on my device.

    It would be nice to put out a wish list of what I need or want in my sizes. If I could set up an alert, that would be wonderful! I don’t think about shoes all the time. The alert would show me that there’s something I might want.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts. Given the development of an app is very expensive we’re not likely to do it unless we’re convinced it would really help grow our user base.

      Re your second point:

      It might be possible to set automatic email alerts when shoes are listed with your criteria. The criteria could be broad (gender and shoe sizes) or more specific (brand, color etc). Then, everytime someone lists something new you get an email with the link and you can check it out. Is that what you’re thinking?

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