Existing Members Upgraded

As we previously advised, members who signed up on our new website by 31 December 2015 have been automatically upgraded to a new category of membership called “Foundation Membership” which will be valid for 12 months.

Foundation members will now be able to post up to 5MB of photos (up from 1.5MB) with the limit per photo now set at 500kb.

Over the next few months we plan on introducing some modest fees for optional extras such as;
  • Featuring your listing on the Home Page
  • Listing your items in bold.
  • Featuring your listing in search results
All Foundation Members will be be able to take advantage of these extras without cost and will be exempt from any other fees we may introduce.
Standard members who now sign up will only receive 1MB of space to post photos, although the limit per photo has now been increased to 500kb.
If you haven’t registered yet – don’t worry, we’ve extended the grace period for upgrades until 31 January 2016.
Simply register before 31 January 2016 and send a Private Message to “Admin” requesting the upgrade and we’ll sort it for you.
To send a private message, you must first be registered.
create my account
Once you’ve registered and logged in, go to My Account and scroll down to Messages.
Screenshot 2016-01-05 16.02.42
From there, click “Compose” and the following screen will come up. Send to “Admin” with the message “pls upgrade my membership”.
Screenshot 2016-01-05 16.01.15
As always we appreciate your feedback on this or any other matter.
If you’d like to raise an issue or a suggestion, please leave a note on our Forum.

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