Tips for Selling on Facebook

Since the upgrade to the new site it has become much easier for us at Odd Shoe Finder to add shoe listings to our Facebook page. There’s no longer any need to send us the link or photos as we can easily get them directly from our site.

When we type in the url of your listing to Facebook, and add your photograph, it will appear something like this:

Screenshot 2016-02-11 10.53.38

You’ll notice that the title appears in bold and the description appears underneath. One of the four tips for selling shoes that we strongly recommend, is to include the shoe sizes in the title. Think about what you will say in the first sentence or two of the description as this too, will appear in the Facebook post.

We do not make any guarantees that we will add your shoe listing to our Facebook page but will certainly prioritise those who list them in a user-friendly way.

Share the Love

When we post something on our Facebook Page, the Facebook algorithm only sends the post to a percentage of our Facebook fans (Facebook are trying to encourage paid advertising).

If we post your listing on Facebook then you should share it on your timeline. Not only will that expose your listing to all of your friends and potentially their friends – but the Facebook algorithm also rewards posts that are shared by increasing the percentage of our fans who see the post.

If you post your shoes on your own timeline before we do, then send us a message on Facebook and we’ll share your post.

Other Facebook Pages and Groups

Many of you may belong to other Facebook Pages or Groups that might be suitable for advertising your shoes.

There are, for example, a number of Facebook Groups that deal specifically with the trading of odd-sized shoes, and many of you may already be members.

Please make sure that you only list your shoes for sale on another Facebook page or group by providing your link to your existing listing on This will ensure that you don’t inadvertantly sell your shoes to two different people (when people ‘buy now’ on they rightly expect that the shoes will be available and not have been sold elsewhere). It also helps drive traffic to our site, which ultimately benefits all of us.

Note that you must always check first with the Page’s/Group’s admin as to whether they will permit the posting of shoes from our site. Apart from common courtesy, some Pages/Groups might expressly forbid it, or be reluctant to support something they regard as “commercial” (eg. making $20 from your shoes).

If they do allow for posting, then make sure you only use the url that directly links to your shoes.

In the above example, the url for the listing was

and this is where users will be directed if they click on the post. If you enter the url, and add a photo, it should appear in a box similar to the example above.

If they don’t permit the posting of links from our site then please do not list your shoes with them anyway.

Grow our Community

If you haven’t already liked our Facebook Page, you can do so here. If you know anyone else who might be interested in Odd Shoe Finder then please let them know.

If you comment, like or share any of our posts on Facebook you are helping to help build our community.





Author: admin

Colin hails from Melbourne, Australia and has worn shoes for over forty years now.