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Welcome to the world's biggest marketplace for buying and selling odd-sized and single shoes.


Since 2007, Odd Shoe Finder has helped thousands of people

find their perfect shoes and generated spare cash for countless others.


If you currently buy two pairs or two shoes, when you only need one,

or you have spare shoes to sell, then Odd Shoe Finder is for you.




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What people are saying about Odd Shoe Finder

  Thanks to you, I've found someone who may be able to use my odd shoes! I'm glad you inspired me to save them.

   And that you got the connections working. Yeaaaaa!


Lindsay Robinson, member

..you have came up with such an influential website that happens to touch so many lives not only near home, but also overseas as well.

Andy, Nike Customer Support

What a great service!  For decades we have bought a size 10 and a size 12.  What do you do with the unused shoes?  What used to be a waste now has the perfect answer.  .  Thank you! 

Bruce & Barbara, Texas


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